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KeyFolio™ Mini Key Organizer

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No more jingling, dangling, and scratching keys. Your daily keys now have a haven, and your phone and wallet, an overdue rescue from accidental damage. Our KeyFolio™ Mini is compact, intuitive, and will perfectly complement your car key fob with its pure aesthetics. 

Our same signature design with a relatively smaller footprint. For the minimalists with fewer key-carrying needs.

Our KeyFolio™ comes in our signature luxe packaging, making it a great gift any time of the year!

Our design philosophy

KeyFolio™ Mini Key Organizer

Our journey towards a carbon-neutral small business.

LWG-Certified, Full-Grain, Vegetable-tanned Leather.

Our leather is ethically sourced from a silver-rated tannery that is independently audited by Leather Working Group (LWG) for environmental standards. With every Waldor purchase, you are not only supporting small businesses but the environment, too. Vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather costs 3x more than chrome-tanned leather. 

Better utility

Always Gift-ready

Our gorgeous, handmade packaging is always ready to make someone's special day even better. We use post-consumer cardboard for all our packaging, which makes it an eco-friendlier option.

Carefully delivered

Your luxe Waldor packaging is protected by our sturdy recycled kraft boxes, so your order is always delivered immaculately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Zain Ahsan Khan
Get the tan one because I did too :P

I love the color on my Keyfolio. Great combination of tan and brown. I am using three keys in it right now but I don’t the 4th one would fit.

Let's appreciate and promote local brands

I ordered one of their wallets while they were all in stock a few weeks ago. I can see they are all sold out now and that's giving me an idea that they are doing pretty well already. But I would still say this, we need to start appreciating our local brands more. We happily pay like 20k for a wallet if it would say Tom Ford but would think 10 times before ordering something for under 2k just because it says "Made in Pakistan." This is not the right attitude. I have the key folio and the Magflap wallet and they both are absolutely fantastic. The leather smells great, the features are spot on. And don't even get me started on the packaging. Damn. It's just unbelievable.

Need a leather cover for my key fob

I really like this but what I would love even more is to have a leather cover for my Tucson key fob. I have cheap silicon protecting my key fob and it would only make more sense if everything is equally premium.

Cant decide if the key cover is better or the packaging

Got the key cover but it's a great product, for sure. But I still can't decide whether the key cover itself is better or the packaging it came in. Utterly high-end. Even my LV cardholder didn't come in a packaging like this, while only paid 1650 for this but an upward of USD 500 for my cardholder. It's just too good.

Could you make a magnetic dock for this?

Outstanding accessory. No doubt. But I would love to have a dock kind of a thing that could stick to a wallet or any similar surface and you could just snap on your key covers to it. Like a key holder of the olden days but improvised with magnets and leather.